O.N.C.E. corporate identity


O.N.C.E. (Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles) is a socially focused and democratic institution, open to everyone, concerned also about the welfare of people suffering disabilities other than blindness. Its activities are based on the ideals of equality and participation, and the company is committed to reaching its social goals day by day and observing the principles of democracy. ONCE achieves all these goals with the invaluable support of the Spanish Finance and Inland Revenue, Labour and Social Affairs, and Internal Affairs Departments.

On the other hand, our social responsibility (ONCE’s traditional value) materialises via the activities carried out by the ONCE Foundation for Cooperation and Social Integration of the Disabled, which receives secured financial support of 3% of the Organisation’s gross sales of lottery products.

ONCE’s commitment also reaches the blind abroad, as the organisation participates actively at all the corresponding international forums. Specifically, it works closely with Latin American blind associations on training and employment issues, tasks that have been articulated through the ONCE Foundation for Latin America (FOAL) since 1998.

Currently, the ONCE, along with its Foundation and ONCE Business Corporation (CEOSA) generates over 123.000 job positions, whether directly or indirectly, and independently takes care of the specialised care activities required for more than 70.000 members with blindness or severe visual impairment.